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Hritik Roshan

Welcome home! Hritik Roshan was seen the next day he returned from Spain and, of course, his wife and children were there to greet the actor busy! Fans and supporters have already noted the absence of Hritik Roshan in Twitter lately and that is simply because he has been busy working in Spain! But now the famous actor finally home and family is very happy!

Susanne Wifey took Twitter to announce the good news:

"Relaxing the eyes sleepy now ... 6 days to finally get to H outside of these hours, three months is too long to stay away from the nest ur!"

"On my way airport adw my two sons, H, is finally coming!"

And the family is happy to finally meet! I do not think Hritik is the only one in the family business traveler! Susanne is currently working on her interior design store and heads for Paris for meetings! She told her followers on Twitter:

"My only shop will be ready in December .. the world a concept promoted by the interior of the store, since its pretty big .. No I'm obsessed with d details!"

"Leaving for Paris tonight .. so excited coz required to n where I is Disneyland for interior designers who design high .. pure awesome! N best city honestly cud have got completely love Paris .." .

This time it's Hritik who will miss Susanne!