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Hrithik Roshan looks hotter without clothes: Suzzanne

"Behind every successful man is a woman," said Karan Johar in the program in India to talk more controversial. Adding, "Unless that man is a different orientation." Now we all know Hrithik Roshan is right!

And the woman behind the success of this superstar is the small, attractive wife Susanne Roshan Khan. Hrithik agrees that he had a whale of a time shooting the series.

He says, "All television shows other computers do best in entertainment usual, but Karan (or as I call Pappu) gets all the secrets out! Now that's a talent." HR is the right. Season 3 of the talk show has given rise to many controversies that has become not only one page of 3 basis points to discuss the content of this is also the water cooler conversation at work places across India and among NRIs. "I should be offended that I put more Koffee mention that my movies," laughs Karan. "But honestly I'm not upset I love the program .. I am glad that people escape from their well-kept secrets out on my couch"

Susanne Roshan Take, for example. This superstar wife laughed and said something along the lines of, "If I think my husband looks hot revealing her torso, let me tell you that looks even hotter with their clothes." Boy! it is bold. Susanne also admitted that she has seen women throwing themselves at her husband, while he pretends not to notice that.

For its part Hrithik said, "Susanne illuminates the environment wherever it goes. She was in her element on the agenda of Karan."

Of course, he is a henpecked man. The actor also admitted that Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is the best of his co-star;. while Barbara Mori and share a good chemistry "