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Hrithik Roshan on TV Show

The price you are quoted a channel for their first appearance on television officials sent reeling under the impact channel.

A source said: "We secretly refer to him as the syndrome of colors A channel card has ruined the stars of the menu by the payment of Salman Khan, which would in Bigg Boss ..

Abhishek Bachchan also for Bingo, which was a fiasco. Now whether it is Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan Rishi Kapoor and all want a price in line with the price of Salman Khan in Bigg Boss. "

No doubt Salman is now the highest paid star on television. The rest of the amazing star prices are all rumors and beliefs do.

A major source of the television industry Hrithik describes alleged Rs 112 crore in salary to bring Just Dance "irrational and ridiculous, and suspect-up."

A source said: "It's easy money for the stars, but not half as big as the prices quoted by the machinery of the stars of public relations ..

Except Salman Khan, who is now the biggest star of Bollywood on TV, no star is making the kind of money that states that. "

This source is that Hrithik is more ", perhaps R 2 million rupees per day not per episode. This means that anything between two and three episodes per day.

It is also a permanent contract to shoot four to five Just Dance music video. When the aam aadmi read these amazing figures who tend to believe.

These figures do great things for the image of the stars. " But they are hindering negotiations with other stars who throw these crazy prices star on the faces of officials of the channel. "