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Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan face-off averted!

Nothing sells like success in Bollywood. Why, if distributors choose the next version of Salman Khan in the upcoming movie of Hrithik Roshan? Khan struck Dabangg bumper has resulted in him winning the race for his film, ready, released before Dobara Milegi Roshan Zindagi Na (ZMND). Initially, both films are set to clash on 27 May.

It is believed that the distributors were concerned about the release of two movies on the same day. Apparently, some dealers also tried to talk to the producers of films, both to avoid a collision. However, manufacturers were not willing to budge.

Suddenly, news came on Excel ZMND Cinema postponed to June 23. Trade sources say the launch date ZMND could have been postponed due to a large share of retailers, especially smaller schools were more excited about ZMND lists instead of Hrithik.

Salman Khan "After Dabangg, Salman is a star at the box office while supplies last two films Hrithik, Comets and Guzaarish failed miserably. Furthermore, the first film Zoya Akhtar's Luck By Chance was a failure. Distributors wanted a solo album Ready because they feel that the film is more secure than ZMND, which looks like a niche movie, "says a major film distributor, not wishing to be named.

However, producer Ritesh Sidhwani ZMND says the movie has been postponed to June 23 because "there will be complete in May. "I really do not know anything about the distribution of the smaller centers or larger who prefer ready in our film," says Sidhwani, who has been in Malaysia for several days for the filming of Don 2.

"As far as I know, a major distribution company in charge of the distribution. And if the stars Salman Khan Ready, our film also has a number of big names like Hrithik, Abhay (Deol) and Katrina (Kaif). In addition, Salman is like family to us. So, no doubt to compete with movies, "adds Sidhwani.

A Delhi-based distributor, said that Salman has always been the "god of the smaller centers." He says: "After Dabangg, has become a big star with the masses. There is no other actor, including Hrithik, can compete with him in that space. Naturally, ready Salman, thanks to Wanted and Dabangg, inspires more confidence than ZMND. "

Interestingly, ready also been postponed to 3 June to avoid clashing with the Premier League final in India on 29 May. "Because the final of the IPL is delayed, the release date has been pushed Ready," says producer Bhushan Kumar.

It is recalled that Khan had previously stated: "the movie (Guzaarish) ko ek bhi nahi dekhne gaya Kutta" (not even a dog who went to see the movie.) Hrithik had said: "It's not heroic to laugh or make fun of a film director just because its box office collections are not there with him (referring to Dabangg). In my opinion, a hero who never gloats. When super-successful, should make it more friendly and affectionate. This is the only time you should use to convert even our enemies into friends ... just give love, do not laugh at others. In the time you finish this sentence I have already forgiven his words, because I know that inside only has love for me and it must have been only a momentary lapse of the sentence. It is expected a big hug the next time I meet with him. "

A few weeks ago, it was reported that Salman, buoyant Dabangg their success, had decided to lock horns with Hrithik in the box office and asked the producers Bhushan Kumar to release the film on May 27, along with ZMND.