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What Makes Hrithik The Best Dancing Star?

What Makes Hrithik Roshan the best dancing star That B-Town dog boast of? Rehearsals. Painfully Obvious But so true!

A source Revealed, "Duggu lives, eats, breathes and dreams (literally) just a week of dance Before shootings begin! No matter how historical hectic work schedule or Commitments, I Rehearsed historical steps Concerned with the choreographer days in advance. I work Begins Agneepath on the song this week and has-been quietly Rehearsing (Despit shooting for the film all day and working out for an hour and half in the day and night) for the song for one week. "

The source added, "Next I will Have to shoot three music videos for the dance Just Dance reality show he's judging. For Each song, rehearsals begin a week earlier."

Producer Karan Johar Agneepath Said That Hrithik is "a relentless rehearsal man,"adding, "exhausting hours result in effortless moves - that's Hrithik for you. He raises the bar of excellence and validates the input equals the output theory!"

Said Hrithik, "Along with rehearsals, i actually learn dancing in my sleep. If I can see Clearly Every moment of the move in my head Then my body is Able to express it ... The downside is if I can not see That it - I can not do it. "