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Hrithik Roshan suffer burns on Agneepath sets

Hrithik Roshan suffered minor burns while shooting a scene Aarti, PC escaped unharmed, but the fire caught her lehenga and had to be change

A scene found Aarti Agneepath stars Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra playing with fire | literally. Duggu suffered minor burns while filming the scene, PC escaped unharmed, but the fire caught her lehenga and had to be change.

This is the second accident of human resources in production systems of Karan Johar. He hurt his hand while breaking a coconut in a previous scene. His accidents have proved lucky for his films in the past. We wonder if this will bring luck as well.

A source tells what happened: "Hrithik was shooting the scene of Ganapati puja thali wore a large number of lighted diyas (lamps) and do the Aarti During one rotation, a diya is overturned, spilling hot oil on hand, burns .. what .

No one was wiser to Duggu rushed to apply ice to the affected area. When the team understands the shooting stopped immediately. It was not a serious injury but Hrithik was in pain. He fired again as soon as the pain subsided. Then he joked about his wounds lucky charms of his films. "

Yesterday, on the second day of shooting the scene, caught fire Lehenga PC Aarti diyas have burned around the edges. She realized quickly and was not injured but had to change his Lehenga and use a new one, " reveals another source. Hrithik and PC were not available for comment.