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Akshay Kumar envies Hrithik Roshan

Guess he wants to make a film with actor Hrithik Roshan in the lead? Well, not his father Rakesh Roshan wanted, but the actor Akshay Kumar! The Khiladi apparently wants to make an intense action movie Roshan soon.

"I, of course, never wanted to dance with this guy (Hrithik Roshan), but I definitely love to do an action movie with him, " Kumar said when asked if he would make a movie.

So why do you never dance with Roshan Akshay? Well, Akki says he will not only be able to match Hrithik Roshan movements.

"Hrithik Roshan has done some of the most memorable dance steps and difficult in the last decade. I do not think it possible for anyone to do the same movements in the way it has. He is the best dancer in Bollywood which has now days, "adds Kumar.

Kumar admits that he would like his son Aarav to learn to dance one day and fantasies Hrithik Roshan as a dance teacher for your child.

"If he (Hrithik Roshan) were to open each time a dance school, I know my son would be the first to join," says the actor, while continuing to praise Hrithik Roshan acting and dancing skills.

Kumar said it was not just him, there are other heroes in Bollywood, who are jealous of Roshan dance skills as well.

"Hrithik Roshan is a one of a kind actor and dancer. He should know that all the heroes makes us jealous of his movements. The man leads the dance floor is cool. He is very talented and has everything that young people today will probably want to see a hero, "he says.