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Hrithik Roshan does not mind being called Mad

After going experimental, Hrithik Roshan has decided he wants to be called "crazy. " Would love to be called crazy, he says. Most celebrities would react harshly to any suggestion of insanity, but Hrithik takes it as a compliment.

In what appears an attempt to show her philosophical side in the world, Duggu say insanity is the genesis of genius and the genius is the genesis of insanity. "I'd be called crazy by extreme passion (implies that the genius) and the end is what makes them different from others, " says the actor Guzaarish.

The actor has been working with a passion for all the characters she has played so far. He wants the world to know that if your movie works or not, which ensures that gives the best of all his films.

The actor added: ... "This reflects his passion madness is a state of mind we do extreme things without bothering what the world may think of this process can work better, because I can be the slave of my mind Your love helps you break the rules and achieve his dream and I have always followed this path. "Is this a budding genius, or just the effect of Sanjay Leela Bhansali?