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Hrithik Roshan owes to Farah Khan

Actor Hrithik Roshan still remembers the first dance steps that the filmmaker Farah Khan taught as a choreographer. It was for the song Ek pal ka Jeena in his debut film Kaho Naa Pyar Hai. I was nervous, worried and tense.

"At that time (11 years) I was following what was said Farah. But I still remember how they treated me like his own family .... She took my hand and guided me through each step. I owe a lot to her. She is who gave me my dance step the first time in Bollywood. I recently gave a small Ganpati idol that proudly showed everyone on the show, "laughs Hrithik Roshan, who emerged a star after dance film debut.

Hrithik Roshan admits that the link was forged that day with Farah is intact. "We're both just a call away. I know that if you need help, always there for me. And the same to me too," he says.

Tell Hrithik Roshan is a little hard to believe that I ever needed a dance teacher, and says: "We need direction. You need to know if you're doing right or not, if you go in the right direction. This is when the teacher comes into play no matter if you have talent, a good teacher makes the difference. I have been fortunate to have good teachers of life. "

Therefore, it is Hrithik Roshan good teacher to your children? "Well, I'm patient and sometimes feel my children to help them do homework. I am also very strict about fitness to children, but having said that, I like to mess too. They ( two children) is very large. When they are running and firing rockets, at least, must be pretty fit to keep up with them, "he laughs.

What is that thing still want to learn? "Life is a learning process. We are learning every day. The day you stop learning, do not grow as a person," says Hrithik Roshan.