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Hrithik Roshan pay for Just Dance show

After several Bollywood actors discovered his love for the small screen, is now the turn of Hrithik Roshan to make his debut on television. The agile actor will be a great judge on Star Plus program for Just Dance by being paid around Rs R 2 million per episode.

The show, which is expected to bring international dancers and India on the same platform, will run in 56 episodes, including the investigation of the inputs, auditions, and real competition. If the industry speculation is anything to go by, the program will search Roshan approximately Rs 112 million rupees, making it one of the highest paid Bollywood actors on television, joining the ranks of Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar , Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan.

Hrithik Roshan said, "Really?" I am the highest paid star? Do not know if I'm the highest paid, or even among the highest paid Bollywood actors on television, because the calculation that you need to know who has done the amount of money. Unfortunately, I have not kept tabs on the incomes of others. Just know that I was well paid. "Roshan has been signed for the show in the last quarter of 2010, just before the release of Sanjay Leela Guzaarish Bhansali.

A little over a week, the actor tried and shot the first series of promotions for the dance reality show, produced by SOL Productions Fazila Allana.

The session ran in 17 hours, during which he suffered a torn chest muscle. The actor, when asked about the Max Stardust Awards, confirms and says, "My chest is still in bandages, but worth it. The promotion invited to participate. Without divulging much, I can say that any person who love to dance like to participate after seeing the promotion. "

He added: "I worked as a production assistant. I know how much that matters when you have to cancel shooting programs. So, I just did my bit for the show. I am sure that any professional actor would have done the same for their project and the team. "Choreographer Farah Khan, Ganesh Hegde and Vaibhavi Merchant is expected to be the co-juror of the show.

Because the choreography will be his main focus, will you also judge the performances in the same parameters? "Not really. My work will focus on energy, expression and promotion of the artists than the choreography of dance, because it is time to express all the emotions. If your dance can convey your feelings to which you are looking, I think "I've been successful as a dancer," says Roshan.

The actor admits he developed a taste for dance, while he was growing up. Commenting on the education of their children, and Hrehaan Hrid, some of his dance moves, the actor says: "I think they are very young at this time for me to teach any of my movements. But as they grow, if really have the inclination for dancing, her father will be most happy to teach them. "