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Suzanne changed me: Hrithik Roshan

Actor Hrithik Roshan says his wife, Suzanne has changed in more ways than one and credit for teaching her one of the most valuable lessons in life. The handsome actor remembers the day he had a big fight with his mother (he describes it as "a kind of argument") Pinky Roshan.

"When I was young, I was very stubborn. You never see the other person's point of view. I never ask for forgiveness or apologize to anyone, either. I clearly remember when I met Suzanne a very long face and when I asked 'What's wrong? ", I replied that he had an altercation with my mother and I was not very happy about it," Hrithik said, recalling the days when he was courting his girlfriend and now wife, Suzanne, good decade ago. Suzanne says, came a wonderful idea that at first seemed ridiculous Roshan.

"She told me to give my mother a big hug. In my family, never used to hug each other. Do not know why, but it was something we never did. But after Suzanne told me to do what got enough courage and went to the terrace, where my mother was sitting. I approached her and held her tight. I could see the tears rolling down her cheeks, "says Roshan. The actor is now in the 10 th year of his marriage to Suzanne and he says it is this quality of his wife who has kept the magic of his marriage intact.

"(The incident hug) was the most valuable thing she taught me in my life. Even now, when we fight and we decided to end it, is just about up to each other and giving each other a hug. Suzanne definitely changed me as a person and I must add that I have made a better person, "says Roshan.

Although she is a star wife, Suzanne has always avoided the spotlight and Hrithik says that if she had not been there, leading a normal life would have been difficult for him. "We, the players remain always busy, but with Suzanne to be close, I know that everything in my life is run. Suzanne manages me and my two sons and the best part is that even before I ask you how you'll handle many things at once - is all done, "he concludes.