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Hrithik Roshan TV Show : Just Dance

As an actor Hrithik Roshan is taking small steps into the world of television, acknowledged that television has become a much bigger than it used to be. Tips to make your stay Roshan television could be the start of much bigger things in the pipeline.

"The television is larger (compared to movies), but the size - it deceives you. Never felt inclined to television, but the concept and spirit of the series that led me to be part of it .

It is well known that Roshan admires the late pop star Michael Jackson and often credited to shape their dance skills duringhis growing year. But there is an icon again, closer to home, speaking of now.He once said "actor Shammi Kapoor also inspired him to add some rhythm to his feet.

"In my opinion, Shammi Kapoor is the best dancer, it went beyond just the dance steps. His body was moved to the music, so he had magical moments there," says Hrithik added, "He (Shammi) had their own expressions and movements. "

Talk about your love for dance, Roshan said, "Dance for me is an expression," adding that he still has much to learn from the industry. "It's been 10 years since he stepped in to this industry and I still think I'm an aspiring actor. I have yet to see and learn things," he concludes.