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Shahrukh Khan roughs up misbehaving producer!

Buzz doing the rounds in the city of stars is that the birthday party Maheep Kapoor (Sanjay Kapoor's wife) saw its share of explosive moments. At one point, Shahrukh Khan reportedly got into a fight with a producer of misconduct.

Producer Mozez Singh took a few quarrels and fights in the birthday party released on Friday. According to press reports, Mozez Singh, first made a nasty comment about women Sohail Khan and his wife socialize with. Sohail did not ignore the comment, and told the producer to mind his language.

In fact, the reports will say that Sohail and Singh got into a fight and guests at the party had to intervene to separate them.

Later, when Shahrukh Khan, along with his friends Karan Johar and Hrithik Roshan were waiting for the elevator, Mozez Singh reportedly made ..a comment insulting Shahrukh. Initially, SRK Singh tried to ignore, but when he continued to misbehave, SRK lost his cool and kept the producer by the throat and warned him.

Once again, the host Sanjay Kapoor intervened in time to cool tempers.

Ugh! Maheep birthday party nearly ruined me.