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Hrithik Roshan only Hollywood material in Bollywood

There's a scene in Karan Johar 'Agneepath', where he was a hero of lead-totally soaked with blood running beautifully filmed in slow motion toward his enemies.

There is every reason to why he sat in utter amazement, while the sequence was developed, but the main reason is a phenomenon known as Hrithik Roshan. The raw intensity of the eyes, the fury and vengeance on his face, and muscle strength in his arms while dragging in that particular sequence is, in short, not the job of an actor ordinary. We do not have the heart to make someone's prose devoid of heavenly delights. Hrithik deserves the world in the palm, much less a defective function. This is our tribute to the superstar, the only one to say, on par with their counterparts very famous in Hollywood.

When burst onto the screen with the advent of the new millennium, screaming, torn entrails intact, "Mere Dil Aiey Your Gaaye Ja", we knew that someone had come, someone important to someone who had a long way. He was a 'prepared' rookie, unlike the best of them. He had the looks, moves, body, and yes, it could act too. Teens around the country breathed a sigh after exaltation. Another sigh, heavier when it became known that the man who had just started about covers what is already seeing someone. That does not hurt your fan base, however. Hrithik could not be ignored. His first film had broken all previous records set in Bollywood, and several notches of magnitude. The future looked bright as the midday sun.