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Krrish Movie (2006) - Trailers, Promos, Pictures

Krrish is a sequel to Koi Mil Gaya and story continues. Rohit and Nisha are married and they have a kid. They both die in a car accident. The kid starts growing up in his grand mother care. As he is growing up he discovers that he has superpowers (in Koi Mil Gaya Jadoo transferred his powers into Rohit, which apparently went to his son). The movie basically shows how he deals with his power and save the world from a villain (Naseeruddin Shah).

We all know that Abhishek Bachchan plays a negative role in the film Raavana and her character has shades of one of the greatest villains of mythology, Ravan, but the new buzz is that the main inspiration came from his role as the infamous Maoist leader Kobad Ghandy.

Krrish Mehra (Hrithik Roshan) is a man with extraordinary strength, speed and intelligence. He loves the calmness and beauty of natural mountainous and surroundings where he is living. He comes across Priya (Priyanka Chopra), a beautiful girl from Singapore, who has come there for camping and trekking and falls in love with her. Krrish is left heart broken when she finally has to leave for Singapore. When Sonia, Krrish grandmother (Rekha) sees how lonely he has become, she encourages him to go to Singapore and woo Priya back.

Krrish reach Singapore; find it a completely new and fascinating world. He learns fast and adapts to it quickly. He makes new Chinese friends in Singapore and woos Priya. In one of the songs, the atmosphere is that of a carnival where most of the people are wearing masks of different kinds. The song continues into a circus, there a short circuit happens and the tent of the circus catches fire. The circus performers get stranded on top and start screaming for help. Krrish realizes that he can help them. He sees a slightly broken burnt Mask lying on the ground nearby. He dons the mask for hiding his identity and save them in a spectacular manner. This heroic deed makes the Masked Man a hero and a nationwide search is launched for this new hero in Singapore.

Shooting of much-awaited movie is complete however the special effects are yet to be incorporated. According to reports, Krrish is all set to release in June 2006, during the summer vacation.

Some facts/Trivia related to Krrish

Hrithik will be seen in six stunning looks - an old man, the young guy from Koi Mil Gaya, a village look, a Singapore based fashionable guy look, Superhero look plus there is a child actor who plays a young Hrithik.

Amrita Rao was the first choice for the role of Priya, but Rakesh Roshan saw Priyankas performance in a special screening of Aitraaz (2004) and was so impressed that he decided to cast her instead. Aishwarya Rai was also considered for the role.

The Krrish character in the movie is very strong and can leap 30 feet in the air. Hrithik Roshan received special training in Hong Kong for the special leap he makes in this film.

Hrithik Roshan did extensive martial arts training for this movie - his trainer was Tony Ching Siu Tung (from Hong Kong). Despite only 25 days of training in China, his instructor thought that he could pull off stunts which usually take years of training.

In the famous circus scene, Hrithik Roshan suffered a hamstring tear in his right leg. Doctors prescribed bed rest for two weeks but he continued shooting after two days using pain killers.

Hrithik Roshan broke his right thumb and a toe during the strenuous training for the ambitious wire work used in the film. He also singed his hair while running through a fire in another action scene.